Sunbathing and mice

The last few days we have all been enjoying the spring weather and spending time out in the garden – I have been working and the cats have been exploring and doing a touch of sunbathing


They are both much more relaxed outside now – they still love to wander and explore but they don’t really seem to be showing any signs of trying to get out. Instead they are beginning to actually enjoy being out there.


I gave the lawn the first mow of the season at the weekend and both kittens then had great fun playing with the cuttings and didn’t seem to miss chasing each other through the long grass!

They also love chasing the butterflies and bumble bees – and do amazingly well considering they are blind. Lucy in particular seems to be amazingly accurate when she tries to catch the butterflies and follows the birds flying over the garden very well.  Although Casper has his own skills in that area! At one point I saw him carrying what I thought was a leaf but turned out to be a huge bumble bee!!

But Casper’s highlight of the day had to be when he found a mouse – all be it a dead one! It seemed one of my other cats had a hidden stash which Casper found and raided and then had great fun with.

And this is them now – I guess it was a busy day!






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