As anyone with a multi cat household will know, introducing a new cat is not always easy. So introducing two kittens has certainly been a learning curve – for me as well as the other cats.

My three other cats are all older ones – two aged about 8 and one aged about 5 – and have become quite set in their ways. They all have their own routines, their little habits, their own places to sleep etc. So, as you can imagine, bringing not just one but two crazy kittens in to the house has had an effect on them. The kittens have sussed out the comfy sleeping places and seem to have commandeered them , they hustle in to eat the food I put down for the big ones, even when they have their own, and they are doing a good job of commandeering my attention most of the time.


As you can see, they are gradually getting used to each other and the older ones now ‘tolerate’ the kittens, at times. This is the kittens with Bertie (my rather big boy) snuggled up by me on the settee.

But it has also been a learning curve for me. Before they came I did a bit of research about looking after blind cats – courtesy of good old Google – and one of the main pieces of advice was not to move things around much. And that made sense – no problem I thought, I don’t move things much! How wrong was I!! It is amazing how much I do move things – not the big stuff like settee etc. but the little stuff. Arriving back home and dropping my coat and bag on a chair, putting the shopping bags down in the kitchen, its easily done. It was really bought home to me when, after a tidy up session, I dropped the flap down on the table  I use as a desk. Lucy quite likes to come and join me on the desk when I am working – usually to punch my pens – and to do this she had got used to walking along the back of the settee to step onto the desk! So, of course, when I put the flap down, she confidently walked along the back of the settee and stepped onto the desk only to find it wasn’t there and to fall head first to the floor!! In a way it was quite funny but at the same time I did feel guilty and it bought home to me just how careful I  have to be.


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