Going out

Over the last few days I have been letting Lucy and Casper out into the garden and they seem to be enjoying it. While I am able to let the other cats come and go through the cat flap this obviously isn’t possible for the kittens.  But as my back garden is fully enclosed by six foot fences I thought I would try them when I am able to supervise them.


They both took to the experience well and in their own ways. Lucy went out like a crazy thing, running around all over the place, sniffing everything, chasing leaves and generally being her usual crazy self. She takes it in turns, running out in the garden for a short while then coming back into the house for a while then back outside.


Casper, true to his nature, was more reserved, creeping out gradually and taking his time to wander around. His favourite spot seems to be sitting by the side of this planet called (I think) Ribes. It is one that, when rubbed, smells like cat pee which could be what attracts him! But he seems to enjoy playing with the flowers or just sitting looking at them and trying to catch the insects flying around them.

At the moment neither cat has realised that it is possible to get out of the garden by jumping the fence – as the others do. Whether they will ever realise this I don’t and if they do then I will have to re-think what happens, but for now they are enjoying pottering around outside in the first of the sunshine. And now he is used to it, Casper actually sits by the door to ask to go out.


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