Loopy Lucy


As promised, today we meet Lucy. Lucy is the crazy one, although she has calmed down a bit now. Lucy runs everywhere, quite often bumping into walls and doors as a result. She follows me everywhere, including into the bathroom!, quite often weaving in between my feet as I am trying to walk and I am amazed she hasn’t tripped me up more.

But while she is mischievous she is also very cuddly – for the first few days this was her favourite place…….


and every time I sat down she would attempt to get onto my shoulder/face.

Lucy also seems to have a huge appetite – possibly due to the fact she is always running around and burning off energy – but every time I open the cat food cupboard she appears out of nowhere.

Lets finish with one more photo of her mischievous antics…

I just know there will be many more to follow!



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