Fusses with Casper


After spending several hours trying to decide what to post about today, the decision was made for me when Casper came to me for a fuss – the first time ever! So, today I thought I would introduce you to Casper. ( you’ll meet Lucy tomorrow)


Casper is a ‘Mau’ – this is not a breed I know much about and I don’t think I had even heard about it before, but a quick search on Google told me that they are a small to medium sized short haired cat breed and are one of the few naturally spotted breeds of domesticated cats. You can find out more info about the breed  here

It also says that they are very friendly cats which up until now did not seem to be true of Casper. However, this morning that changed. He came to me voluntarily and several times for fusses, even going so far as sitting on the settee beside me.


At first  I thought he was just asking for food but then he came back after he had eaten for more fusses. So I guess  I can say that he has settled in  and accepted his new home.

His nature is very different to Lucy’s – he likes to sleep a lot, usually on my bed hidden between the duvet and counterpane (the thing I put on top of the duvet to keep the cat fur off it!!!!) or on the floor on top of the warm pipes when the heating is on. He is also more laid back and cautious which maybe partly due to the blindness I suppose. Where as Lucy will go headlong towards any sound she hears, Casper will sit, his head cocked a bit, and listen to it first. Then when he is happy he will move towards it to investigate. He is much more cautious walking around and seems to sense when there is something close by.

he seems to have been accepted by the other bigger cats, probably because he is not so manic as Lucy, and I often find him asleep on the bed with one of two of them.

So, this is Casper – I will tell you more about his ‘back story’ in future posts – and tomorrow I will introduce you to Lucy (the crazy one).





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