The Journey


This was my first sighting of my two new cats arriving in England. Lucy (the white cat) and Casper (the tabby/Mau) landed at Heathrow airport just over two weeks ago after what must have been a terrifying journey for them as they are both blind. They initially started the journey in separate carry boxes, but having bonded in the cat rescue place in Cairo they became so upset at being parted that they were put in together for the rest of the journey. From here they were taken to volunteers houses for an overnight rest. Then on the Saturday another of these amazing volunteers drove them up to me and their new home.

That was on Saturday 11th March 2017. Since then they have spent the time settling in, getting used to me, to their new surroundings and of course to the other cats in the household.

They are very different personalities – one very calm but cautious the other like a toddler on speed!! But both are amazing. These two weeks have been a learning curve for all of us – including me seeing just how they are adapting to their ‘disability’. It has been frustrating and sad at times but mainly it has been great fun.

Through this blog I hope to share with you their, and my, journey as we all get used to each other and learn to live together.  But also I want to use it to highlight the work done by the amazing volunteers in Cairo (and many other places) who help these animals.

Follow the blog and enjoy the journey with us.


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